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About CPSG Membership

CPSG is supported by a global volunteer network of 270 professionals, who are invited to be members by the Chair of CPSG. Most of our members work in conservation, and all are invited because they have unique expertise and knowledge which CPSG depends upon to fulfill our mission.

How We Serve Our Members

CPSG promotes and facilitates links between ex situ and in situ conservation efforts by providing a credible and neutral forum for diverse partners to collaborate and use science to solve difficult species conservation problems. For over 30 years, CPSG has been the mechanism through which our members provide expertise to the IUCN and the SSC. Through CPSG, members participate actively in the IUCN, with its more than 1,000 governmental and NGO members, its national and regional programs, and its commissions, including the SSC. We invite our members to attend the CPSG Annual Meeting each year, where issues of conservation concern are discussed and recommendations for conservation action are made. CPSG members receive electronic communications to keep them updated on CPSG activities. Members gain access to the CPSG LinkedIn group, where they can connect with other conservation professionals around the world.

How Our Members Contribute to CPSG

Our members have assisted in conducting workshops and provided valuable expertise to CPSG staff throughout our history. Members participate in workshops and task forces, collaborate on projects and written reports, help translate our publications, and share their conservation skills with the CPSG community.