Ulysses S. Seal Award

About the Ulysses S. Seal Award

Ulysses S. Seal’s great passion and talent was his creative thinking about how new science could be most effectively applied to solving the problems of wildlife conservation. His contributions were amplified many times over by his further ability to recognize, encourage, and utilize others who also were making such innovative contributions. The CPSG has chosen to honor Ulie by creating the Ulysses S. Seal Award for Innovation in Conservation. 

Past Recipients

2003   Nate Flesness

2004   Frances Westley

2005   Georgina Mace

2006   Jon Ballou

2007   Paul Pearce Kelly

2008   Sally Walker

2009   Lena Linden

2010   Gordon McGregor Reid

2011   William Conway

2012   Bob Lacy

2013   Lee Simmons

2015   Laurie Marker

2017   Jeremy Mallinson