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You are invited to join Zoos & Aquariums for 350 for a day of action on Thursday, 22 May 2014, during which zoos and aquariums around the world will organize activities using the “Show the Wild Face of Climate Change” photo project as a central theme.

Show the Wild Face of Climate Change photos incorporate the "Zoos & Aquariums for 350" logo - or some other creative representation of "350" - into a photo that features zoo species. Each photo should include a caption that connects climate change to the pictured species (or wildlife in general).

To download the Z & A for 350 logo, visit

Participating zoos and aquariums can submit their photos to CBSG will collect and share the pictures with the public and the global 350 community through social media, a press release, and our website. Zoos can also choose to post the photos on their own social media, organize additional 350-focused educational or program activities for guests, and offer materials about 350/climate change.

For more details about the activity, please view this document.

The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate the zoo and aquarium community’s participation in the 350 climate change movement, and to creatively communicate to the public about the science of climate change and how it affects species.

We hope your zoo or aquarium is able to participate in this important event! Please let us know by registering your participation in advance at

If you're not part of a zoo or aquarium, or if your institution is unable to participate, you can still be involved and we'd be grateful for your support! Individuals can participate by spreading the word about the activity through social media, using the hashtag #Wild350. Follow us on Twitter at @ZandA_for_350 and on Facebook at

Questions? Contact Emily Wick at or 001-952-997-9800.


Photos courtesy of Flickr, Taronga Zoo, and Oregon Zoo.