Introducing Species Conservation Planning Workshop Summaries

In our continuing effort to increase the reach and the impact of our work and to move from recommendation to implementation, CBSG introduces our Species Conservation Planning Workshop Summaries. These summaries present, in an easy-to-read format, key goals and recommendations as determined and prioritized by the workshop participants. Each goal in the summary links to the corresponding page in the full workshop report and the contact information for the workshop point person is made available, so that interested individuals or organizations wanting to contribute to completing particular actions can followup directly.

Going forward, a workshop summary will be created following each workshop. These summaries will allow for broader distribution of workshop results and connect species conservation actors with the actions needed to save threatened species.

Each workshop summary will now be created for every CBSG workshop report. Visit to view all summaries produced so far, or click on the images below to see some examples.

    Brown Howler Monkey Workshop                                                       Greater Sage-Grouse Workshop