Announcing CBSG's New Book, Second Nature

With so many threats facing biodiversity, it can be easy for conservationists to become discouraged. But there is also good news. There are success stories, and CBSG presents ten of them in Second Nature. This book shows what's possible when dedicated people who have a common purpose collaborate to save threatened species.

For over 35 years, CBSG has been a small but effective catalyst for changing the futures of endangered species. Dedicated conservation groups and individuals commit time, knowledge, and resources to conserve species. CBSG's expertise and innovation in conservation planning provide an adaptable framework that helps those conservationists and communities put scientific, regional, and cultural knowledge to its most effective use.

From helping stakeholders agree on parameters for the Tasmanian devil insurance program; specifying a timeline for getting Kihansi spray toads back to their habitat in Tanzania; and using stakeholders' data to generate population models to guide planning for wattled cranes, CBSG's principles can be applied to broad and unique types of conservation challenges.

After more than 35 years of conservation planning in partnership with conservation organizations, local communities, governments, zoos, and NGOs, CBSG has a long list of success stories to tell—and many more to generate.

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