Kihansi Spray Toad PHVA (2007)

Kihansi spray toad Population and Habitat Viability Assessment (PHVA)

Executive Summary (excerpt)

With a precipitous decline in detectability of the Kihansi Spray Toad and other amphibians in the
Kihansi Gorge, and wild and captive populations having a history of health problems, the
prospects for the survival of the species looked in serious doubt. A Population & Habitat
Viability Assessment (PHVA) workshop was held in Bagamoyo Tanzania from 14-17 May 2007
in order to promote a structured dialogue among key stakeholders that will result in (a) an
extinction risk assessment model based upon in-depth analysis of information on the life history,
population dynamics, ecology, and history of the population; (b) detailed management and
research recommendations (c) inputs to the preparations of a KST recovery plan. The workshop
was designed to capture the best expert opinion and guidance on how the existing and emerging
KST management challenges could be handled by way of developing a KST recovery plan to
ensure long-term survival of this critically endangered species.

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PHVA Reports