CPSG Mesoamerica

Convenor and Team Members

Yolanda Matamoros, convenor (Simon Bolivar Zoo)
Jorge Rodriguez
Stefan Arriaga

About CPSG Mesoamerica

CPSG Mesoamerica acts as a linking organization between different stakeholders—from regional zoos, academia, field research, ex situ management, government, and the community. CPSG Mesoamerica helps set species conservation priorities and actions through workshops, facilitation experience, and computer tools, fulfilling a need for science-based conservation planning. Our aim is to maintain and create new contacts in our region to continue supporting conservation efforts for Mesoamerican wildlife using CPSG’s conservation planning tools and methodologies. CPSG Mesoamerica has contributed to over 60 conservation workshops, collaborating with more than 100 organizations working on in situ and ex situ conservation in the region.


2015-2016 activities include:

  • Ex situ management for Agalichnys annae
  • Population Viability Analysis as a tool to model population dynamics for six Darwin finch species including a hybrid cluster the Galapagos Large-billed Flycatcher and the Lava Lizard in Floreana Island, Galapagos, Ecuador.
  • Costa Rican Crocodile PVA


CPSG Mesoamerica 2015 Activities (pdf)


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