CPSG North America



Anne Baker (St. Louis Zoo)                 
Philip Nyhus (Colby College)

About CPSG North America

Following the principles upon which CPSG was founded, CPSG North America seeks to facilitate and promote collaboration among all stakeholders in order to increase the effectiveness of species conservation efforts. Covering Canada and the United States it will serve as a link between zoos and aquariums, the IUCN SSC Specialist groups, conservation NGO’s, the academic community and government entities, providing training in facilitation, risk assessment modeling, and conservation planning.


2015-2016 Activities

  • Planned and facilitated a Strategic Planning workshop for US Fish and Wildlife and the International Crane Foundation, 2016-2010 Strategic Plan for Eastern population of whooping cranes
  • Instructor at CPSG Facilitation Training, Toronto
  • IUCN motions facilitation


CPSG North America 2016-2017 Activity Report (pdf)


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