Species Conservation Planning Tools Library

The Species Conservation Planning Tools Library is coordinated by the IUCN SSC Conservation Planning Specialist Group (CPSG) in collaboration with the IUCN SSC Species Conservation Planning Sub-Committee.

The Species Conservation Planning Tools Library is a new resource to connect species conservation practitioners to well-tested planning tools suitable for use in a variety of planning situations. This tools library is intended for use by species conservation experts that seek a practical and accessible reference to the many tools and processes available for designing and implementing a detailed and effective conservation planning approach. This resource will continually respond to the needs of the community and the evolving state of the science in the field of endangered species conservation.

The tools library is the product of a CPSG workshop held in Abruzzi, Italy in 2010. The full report from the workshop is available here.


Introductory Information

Species Conservation Planning Cycle
Using Tools for Species Conservation Planning
Get Started: Questions to Ask Before Starting a Tools Search


Tools Library

Abruzzi Table 1. Planning Tools Index: a full list of methods, techniques and approaches included in the library. These are grouped and labeled in order to help the user locate tools relevant to a specific step in a typical planning cycle or to a particular type of planning situation.  

Abruzzi Table 2. Planning Methods
: Any number of separate tools can be brought together under a specific framework to systematically guide stakeholders through the development of a species conservation plan. This table lists recognized methods for creating effective conservation plans using one or more of the tools presented in Abruzzi Table 1.

Tool Submission Form

The tools library depends on input from a diverse set of species conservation planners to increase its value and relevance to a greater number of conservationists. We welcome submissions of additional species conservation planning tools from users of the Library. If you have expertise with a tool for species conservation planning that you do not see already in the library, please complete this form and CPSG will contact you after we review the submission. Before submitting, please first familiarize yourself with the Species Conservation Planning Cycle, Abruzzi Table 1, and Tool Description pages before submitting. Thank you!


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CPSG gratefully acknowledges Bir Ventures for their input into the conceptual development of the web-enabled tools library and August Ash, Inc. for their excellent and creative work in designing the Abruzzi Table 1. Planning Tools Index.