Our Approach

The environmental challenges facing our complex world today affect and are affected by people with widely varying perspectives and needs. To promote effective and comprehensive conservation action, CBSG emphasizes the importance of conservation planning through the exchange of information across diverse groups to reach agreement on the important challenges facing humans and wildlife. Our conservation planning workshops are led by experienced facilitators and fortified by the use of science-based tools.

By applying unique conservation tools and training others in their use, CBSG contributes to the long-term sustainability of endangered species and ecosystems around the world.


Workshop Processes - Our collaborative, participatory workshops provide an objective environment, expert knowledge, and thoughtful group facilitation designed to address problems and develop focused solutions using sound science.

Tools – One of CBSG’s most valuable and consistent strengths is the development and application of a variety of tools created and refined to help conservation professionals manage biodiversity.

Training – CBSG offers training courses in a variety of skills that build capacity and promote effective conservation. These include facilitation courses, courses in risk assessment and modeling, and ex situ population management principles, techniques, and software.