New Website, New Features

      The new CBSG website not only has a new look, but it also incorporates new opportunities for displaying content and exploring the limitless functionality of content management systems. This exploration will take time and development, but here are a few features already active on the website that we invite you to explore:

Intuitive Navigation: Our new website has great new capabilities, but also fulfills the needs that keep visitors coming back to, like the ability to download Vortex and other tools, read CBSG eUpdates and Annual Reports, and look up information about our staff, regional networks, and schedule of upcoming activities. We hope the website will be intuitive for all users, from new folks wondering what CBSG does and returning visitors looking for a specific report or workshop.

Document Library: The free distribution of our knowledge and information gained through workshops and communicated through our workshop reports is something CBSG is proud to continue to offer to the conservation community. By allowing us to place different filters on each document, the new Document Library contains expanded, in-depth search capabilities. Want to know what projects we did on mammals in Asia in the year 2000? There's a search function for that! Searches can be broad - simply search the type of workshop (PHVA, CAMP, other conservation planning) or very specific (You can find the Pink Pigeon PHVA report by typing the title in the search box and hitting "Apply").

     PHVA Workshop Process: Check out the new, in-depth content about our PHVA workshop process. This section was designed to more fully explain what CBSG does during the PHVA process, from planning to facilitation to modeling. In the future, we will similarly deepen the descriptions of other workshop processes and tools, adding case studies to highlight successful projects.

Thanks for visiting!