IUCN SSC Ex Situ Guidelines

The revision of the IUCN Species Survival Commission Guidelines on the Use of Ex situ Management for Species Conservation was approved by the SSC Steering Committee in August, replacing the 2002 IUCN Technical Guidelines on the Management of Ex Situ Populations for Conservation. The revised guidelines provide practical guidance on evaluating the suitability and requirements of an ex situ component for achieving species conservation objectives, and can be applied across all taxa, geographic levels, and live entities (e.g, individuals, gametes). The decision-making process outlined is appropriate both for existing ex situ programs as well as for species that currently have no ex situ component.


Many thanks to Kristin Leus, Kathy Traylor-Holzer, and Phil McGowan for their leadership on this project. We are grateful to Celia Sánchez for translating the guidelines into Spanish, to Kanako Tomisawa and Kumiko Yoneda for completing the Japanese translation, and to Yara Barros for coordinating translation of the guidelines into Portuguese.





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