New Studies on Climate Change

A recent paper from the IUCN published in PLoS ONE details findings from a massive effort to evaluate all of the world's bird, amphibian, and coral species for their vulnerability to climate change. The study is one of the biggest of its kind with an evaluation of over 16,000 species. Talk about comprehensive! You can read the report and view key supplemental material here.

Another recent report from the IUCN Species Survival Commission zeroes in on the Albertine Rift region in Africa. This report highlights role that climate change vulnerable species play in the lives of the people in the region, and will serve as a jumping-off point for continued research of how these species' decline and disappearance would drastically alter the lives of those depending on them. The report is available for download here on the IUCN website.

These findings on climate change again underscore the importance of this issue to the conservation community. Our knowledge of these threats to the world's biodiversity places a special burden on us to not only communicate about climate change in honest terms, but also to do all that we can to stop it.