One Plan Approach to Conservation

Recently, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) published WAZA Magazine 14 which focuses on integrated species conservation planning. Many of the articles were contributed by CBSG and CBSG members. 

What is integrated species conservation planning? We call it "the One Plan approach to species conservation planning." It is the joint development of management strategies and conservation actions by all responsible parties for all populations of a species (whether inside or outside their natural range).

The One Plan approach aims to establish new partnerships, increase trust between conservationists involved in different management conditions of a species, accelerate the evolution of species planning tools, and ensure that intensively managed populations are useful for species conservation.

Traditionally, species conservation planning has followed two parallel but separate tracks. Field biologists, wildlife managers, and conservationists monitor wild populations and develop conservation strategies and actions to conserve threatened species. Meanwhile, the zoo and aquarium community develops long-term goals for sustaining ex situ populations. The One Plan approach aims to unite these perspectives, which results in one comprehensive conservation plan for the species that helps bridge the gap between wild and captive population management.

WAZA Magazine 14
features articles about the theory behind the One Plan approach - how it works and why it matters. Additional articles expand on how the One Plan approach has been used to improve conservation efforts for African penguins, Golden lion tamarins, Tasmanian devils, western pond turtles, and more.

Visit WAZA's website to read and download the magazine.