Hot Off the Presses: Proceedings from Our Annual Meeting

If you want to know more about how CBSG works and the types of conservation issues we are working on, the Proceedings from our Annual Meeting are a great place to start. The 2013 CBSG Annual Meeting was held in October 2013 in Orlando, Florida. The theme for the meeting was "Facilitating a Climate Change Movement," and this topic was the focus of much discussion throughout the three-day meeting. Our plenary speakers highlighted the importance of creating a social movement to address climate change. Through an interactive mind mapping session, we expanded on the many different ways our community can become involved in climate change action.

In keeping with the typical CBSG meeting format, the 100 participants spent much of the meeting gathering in smaller working groups to discuss specific topics. These small groups gathered to discuss relevant conservation issues, including horizon scanning for zoos and aquariums, implementing the One Plan approach in various ways, collaborating on species recovery planning, and exploring climate change actions. Each of the ten working groups produced a report that is included in the Proceedings document. These reports showcase the innovative thinking of our community and the scope of topics we made progress on in Orlando.

The Proceedings also include:

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