Kathy Traylor Holzer

Kathy Traylor Holzer, Senior Program Officer

Kathy Bio


B.S., Biology/Psychology, College of William and Mary, 1980
M.S., Psychology, North Dakota State University, 1982
Pre-Doc., Primate Foundation of Arizona, 1982-1983
Ph.D., Conservation Biology, University of Minnesota, 2003

After completing her Master’s degree and pre-doctoral fellowship in animal behavior research, Kathy spent 18 years working at the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley in various conservation and research capacities. As the zoo’s Conservation Biologist, she became involved with CPSG in 1991 and contributed to facilitation, modeling or training at over 20 CPSG workshops, primarily PHVAs, biomedical surveys and zoo masterplans in North America and Asia. She also served as Editor of the CPSG Newsletter from 1997 to 2001. In 2002 Kathy joined the CPSG staff as a Senior Program Officer and serves as facilitator and population modeler for CPSG workshops, especially those focused on integrating species conservation planning and risk assessment for wild and captive populations. Her interest in the genetic management of captive populations complements her role as regional studbook keeper and population management advisor for tigers in North America and for the  global captive Sumatran and Amur tiger populations, and as advisor to the cooperative breeding programs for South China tigers and giant pandas in Chinese zoos. Kathy is also committed to expanding population modeling, population management, and facilitation expertise among conservation biologists in all regions through CPSG’s regional networks worldwide and coordinates CPSG's training activities. She lives in Northfield, Minnesota with her husband Jerry, a zookeeper at the Minnesota Zoo. Her daughter Lara is a fashion designer in Los Angeles, while her other daughter Katie is completing her Ph.D. in Conservation Ecology at UC-Davis, focusing on amphibian metapopulations in urban environments in the US and Vietnam.


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